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For valuable consideration, I hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by Suntex Marinas, or anyone authorized by Suntex Marinas, any and all photographs and video footage which you have this day taken of me, negative or positive, for any purpose whatsoever, without further compensation to me. All original film, video, and digital files, together with the prints shall constitute Suntex Marina’s property, solely and completely.

I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the potential uses of the interview / photograph / videotape or other audio-visual.

I give my consent to the Suntex Marina to release and to show the materials as it deems appropriate including the release and showing to the general public for publicity and promotion in newspapers, on television, on the internet or by any other means selected by the Suntex Marina.

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Consent Waiver*

I waive the following: (1) any proprietary rights in the materials; and (2) any right I may have to inspect or approve the finished materials prior to publication. 
I release the Suntex Marina and its employees and agents from any claims arising from the use of such material.

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