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Seeking Acquisition Opportunities
At Suntex Marinas, we gladly anticipate new acquisition opportunities as they appear on our horizon. We set forth with decades of well-established, ongoing successes in the shepherding of both new and existing freshwater and saltwater properties into world-class marinas.
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Suntex Future Growth

The vision for the future growth of Suntex includes marina projects starting from the ground up. The Suntex construction and design team has managed the development and construction of every marina and marina-related asset in the Suntex Marinas portfolio, thus providing the foundation of expertise to build the world-class spaces they envision, creating unique destinations for the world’s most impressive yachts and for the average weekend boater alike.

With superior customer service, experienced marina managers and staff, conscientious contributions to marina communities, organized administration and accounting, Suntex brings a comprehensive and genuine enthusiasm for creating memorable experiences on the water. This same enthusiasm and professionalism guides the acquisition process. In conjunction with the strength of our financing for future undertakings, and our expertise in planning, research, due diligence, closing, and implementation activities, that makes us a perfect fit to work within the sale of your marina property.

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